We invite you to share your memories, reflections and life lessons learned from Hugh


3 thoughts on “We invite you to share your memories, reflections and life lessons learned from Hugh

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Calkins Family,
    I am sorry to hear of the passing of your father/husband. I am reminded of him and his love of sailing. Sesie Kunz


  2. Anonymous

    The tribute to your father on this website is beautiful. An extraordinary man, whose legacy is huge and varied.

    Among my memories of Hugh are many sails with Capt. Mo (it seems to me he was contemplating the decline of the Roman Empire as I was on my 3rd beer), and his legendary limericks on special occasions — always so clever and uplifting, and a huge compliment to the recipient. Also New Year’s Eve celebrations with Uncle Raymond stories by the fire.

    He will be missed. My deepest sympathies to Ann, Peter, Andy, Liz, and Maggie.

    With love,

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  3. Perry

    I first met Hugh in 1998 soon after the first 2 people I told I was starting a charter school in Cleveland exclaimed, “You have to get Hugh Calkins on your Board.” It was to our future students’ good fortune that we did so. Hugh led the Board passionately and effectively, including during our daunting years. A favorite memory is from a meeting where several of us were considering renovation plans. As he strode into the room, Hugh was emphatic, “We must put a bathroom in every classroom. I calculated that this will save a minimum of 17 instructional minutes for each student daily.” Of course, Hugh was right. It saved a great deal of precious time and it did contribute to our students’ subsequent achievement. Hugh had such passion for doing right by Cleveland’s children. Hugh studied, fought and taught, inveighed and sometimes he and our doing good prevailed. In my mind Hugh epitomized what citizenship should look like. Hugh was as zealous as he was brilliant in his service to the larger good. I am grateful for having known this special man. My condolences to Hugh’s family and friends.

    With affection and admiration,



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